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MIHA ICE Overview

This year’s MIHA ICE 2018 focuses on knowledge sharing, to act as a catalyst in enhancing Industrial Hygiene practices and creating better and healthier working environments. It aims to act as a platform in elevating the level of industrial hygiene management within its region, through its programmes and activities, via close collaboration between local and international delegates, in particular employers, workers, OSH practitioners and regulators.

To further emphasize on the theme “Mainstreaming Industrial Hygiene”, MIHA ICE 2018 seeks to provide regional direction on sustainable implementation of IH through this sharing platform, reflecting specific needs of the region and respective industries. This includes IH practices and research aiming for a healthier and more productive workforce despite economic and business challenges. Consequently, the conference also focuses on one of MIHA’s strategic objectives: enhancing knowledge on IH. Hence, the pre-conference Professional Development Courses (PDC) on 23rd October will cover various subjects from Noise Control, Nanotechnology Risk Management, Human Factors Engineering in Design, Statistical Analysis in IH as well as Ethics.


The programme on 24th and 25th October 2018 will include plenary paper presentations from organisation such as DOSH, SOCSO, universities, as well as regional and international experts, technical and poster presentations by industrial hygienists from various parts of the world, as well as exhibitors. Topics will include the Role of SHO in Industrial Hygiene & OSH Management, Health Risk Management (including CHRA, HIRARC etc.), Over Exposure Investigation, Sampling Strategy & Exposure Analysis, Industrial Ventilation, Noise Engineering Controls, Specific Chemical Exposures, Occupational Health Programme / Promotion, Ergonomics / Human Factors Engineering, Epidemiology / Toxicology Carcinogens, Mutagens & Reproductive Toxicants, Indoor Environmental Quality, Occupational Exposures to Nanomaterials and Ultrafine Particles, Regulations & Public Policy and Hazard Communication.

Additionally, in conjunction with the conference, MIHA will also be celebrating its’ 15th Anniversary where MIHA is inviting all its registered conference delegates to celebrate together, to say thank you for the past years’ support and contribution.

Specifically for students, there will be an international student symposium (ISS) organised on 23rd October. Students are encouraged to attend both the symposium and conference for a special rate where there will be an array of trade display as well as networking opportunities.